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To achieve that, a person responsible for competency matrix creation has to speak to employees, run some market research, consult HRs, and C-levels. The success of any company lives and dies because of engineers’ strength and ability to remove blocks. In addition, it is important to increase the team’s effectiveness by developing knowledge and skills.

They must know when to redesign the matrix to sustain competitiveness and drive growth within the organization. Last but not least, leaders and managers should use a competency matrix to make informed decisions about training and development processes and determine the company’s hiring needs. After analyzing your completed competency matrix, the next step should be to single out the domains you want to improve yourself. For software engineers, these domains can include learning a new language, technical communication, software development methodologies, design pattern, etc. Whether you are a startup or an established tech company, a competency matrix will be beneficial for your employees, teams, the company as a whole, and your customers. It reveals issues with expertise, brings order to your company structure, provides solid backup for the HR department, and makes recruitment way easier.

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In this article, I would like to share a tool that’s useful whether you are a solo engineer or the leader of a 300 person technology organization. Before you begin, it is vital to take some time to think about what you want the matrix to achieve. Do you want to use it to assess the skills of individual engineers? Once you have defined the purpose of the matrix, you will be able to tailor it to meet your specific needs. Now that we’ve laid out the basics, we can talk about the best ways to create a software developer competencies chart for different programming languages and the benefits it brings to the table. Let’s start with the benefits and then move to the typical challenges you can face on your way to building the competency matrix.

While a compentency matrix not a
comprehensive list of every single skill, it is a framework that helps you have
conversations with your managers to get more actionable advice and information. If you have identified skill gaps in your engineering competency matrix and are looking to hire talented software developers, try An engineering competency matrix also comes in handy while scaling the organization. The matrix helps employers recruit the best talent with the required experience and skills. When I joined Next Glass as CTO last year, one of my first priorities was to bring structure and maturity to the product & engineering organization.

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First, I create the following skill matrix and assess every developer on each skill. The one that sticks out most in my mind is Economic Thinking, something the management team continually discussed as being one of the key skills that differentiates good developers What Is a DevOps Engineer? How to Become One, Salary, Skills from great ones. We didn’t borrow that competency from any HR cliff notes or other matrices we consulted, but from the get go this was a key competency we knew would be in the final cut. The time required to create a skills matrix depends on how you make it.

  • To us the idea that Lena and I would sit down, write up a bunch of values and behaviors, get it signed off by our VP of Engineering, and then present it to the world as final was a laughable proposition.
  • Will it focus on skills, certifications, or project management?
  • Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous study of two groups of potters, one tasked with making great pots and the others with as many pots as possible.
  • For engineering leaders and HR-professionals, creating a Competency Model from scratch is not easy.

We have curated a list of the ‘Top 10 Skills Matrix Software for 2023′ that will offer you complete transparency into your team’s skills and performance. In addition, considering the ever-changing technological landscape, you need to know if your team is well-versed or at least informed about the latest skills required to succeed in today’s market. Otherwise, I think a competency matrix depend of the company context, and maybe geographical, culture context, so do not hesitate to customize it. This repository contains a models directory which contains JSON encoded
representations of a competency matrix. If you or your team do not have a competency matrix in place, you should
encourage them to adopt one. A six-level engineering-focused framework from the globally distributed continuous integration and delivery experts.

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For example, you have a few senior JavaScript programming language developers in your workgroup. And the team skills matrix in this case is a comparison table containing numerical assessments of their different code writing and soft skills. Comparing these numbers, you can easily understand both the leaders and outsiders of your team. The clarity offered by a skills matrix tool can have a major impact on your department heads’ hiring and recruitment process.

What are software engineering competencies?

A set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of software developers to fulfill a given task in a software development project.

All of these experiences have led me to think about—OK, obsess about—how to improve developers’ skill. Second, as a leader in tech, over the course of my career, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates and seen thousands of resumes. And I’ve had the very good fortune to work with amazing recruiting teams who’ve reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes on my behalf. The competency matrix is organized by department, and each department has one or more disciplines.

Once you have compiled a list of competencies, you will need to decide how they should be grouped. With visualized requirements, objectives, and job descriptions, it’s easier for employees to understand their tasks and responsibilities on their immediate level and know the cost of their skill set. More than that, employees can see what they need to master to climb up the career ladder and who can help them learn within the company. However, usually underestimate the value that a well-developed software engineer competencies matrix can bring to the table. It’s never too early to start working on your skill matrix that will empower more effective recruitment, assessment, and training operations.

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As a guide, if a grade has 3 levels, an engineer who exhibits more than half
of the competencies for the next higher grade will be assessed at the top level within their current grade. An engineer
who exhibits some, but not a significant majority, of the competencies for the next higher grade will be assessed at the
second level within their current grade. A skill matrix provides insights into the competencies and deficiencies of an employee.

Benefits of building an engineering competency matrix

Sometimes, such a document is identified as a career ladder description, skills, engineering team competency matrix, or development ladder. The document is used in order to assess the required and available skill set that your team has. Skills Base is a cloud-based employee skills matrix software that allows you to make data-driven decisions and report on the skills of your employees and teams. It is designed for businesses and teams of all sizes and helps teams and organizations understand, measure, assess, visualize and act on skills data in a meaningful and intuitive way. With help of skills and competency matrix, it enables you to understand the skill gaps in your team and address them to build a qualified and skilled workforce.

An engineering competency matrix is a tool used by engineering organizations to assess the skills and knowledge of their workforces. The matrix can identify employees needing additional training as well as potential new hires, and track employee development. A matrix is also a valuable tool for succession planning, as it can help identify gaps in an organization’s engineering talent pool. HR managers, team leaders, department heads and project managers use skills matrix software to catch weak points or exceptional proficiencies in their teams. A skill matrix is split into columns and rows that list the employees and their professional skills relevant to the company. For example, you might list certifications, training, job roles and past project experience for each employee within your matrix grid.