The minimum investment to launch a bot

Adding multiple moving average lines creates a useful set of tools for identifying trends and potential reversals. They spot an overall trend, jump on, and enjoy the ride for a few days or weeks. They check in when they can, set a profit target, then head off to live their lives until it’s time to bank the gains. Swing traders rely on patience and planning, reviewing daily and weekly charts to find coins on the upswing before the crowd jumps in. Their style works great for part-timers who can’t constantly monitor the markets.

  • The CryptoTact COMBO bot is a unique combination of GRID and DCA algorithms that works remarkably well in the futures market.
  • The difficulty of monitoring and/or closing several positions in a wide grid and the risk of losing money if conditions change, however, are major downsides.
  • CryptoTact is a better and smarter way to automate your crypto trading.

Here, you can find trading tools such as limit market, stop-loss, take profit, and shadow orders. Having your cryptocurrency portfolio in one central place that you can easily monitor can make trading easier to manage and track the trends in your assets. Trading bots like CryptoTact are made to automatically make trades based on the preset rules you have established. Therefore, this makes trading secure, less time-consuming, and more straightforward. This CryptoTact review covers everything you need to know about the platform. You also get access to your cross-exchange portfolio, and can set up trading signals and extended order types.

CryptoTact is available in regions where the supported cryptocurrency exchanges operate. The platform’s availability aligns with the geographic reach of these exchanges, which can vary. Therefore, CryptoTact is accessible to traders in regions where the integrated exchanges provide their services. CryptoTact’s automated bots help crypto traders effortlessly make profits 24/7. If, however, you prefer old-school technical analysis, while manually tracking sentiment across social platforms, consider trading on CryptoTact. Our platform provides advanced charting tools for pattern recognition, as well as customizable algorithmic bots — like the DCA bot — that track a wide range of indicators.

In today’s era of bot support, CryptoTact review has live people watching all of the support chats, even outside of their business hours. You can trade bots on the exchanges themselves but I find its worth the subscription just for the brilliant UI and the features on the site. An experienced trader looking to set up complex trading strategies would probably be better off looking elsewhere. While this is a higher risk strategy, it also has the potential for higher rewards. Use this bot to break your trades into grids to take advantage of every price move.

Bistgap may be a good trading automation tool, but all users’ final results vary significantly. Before buying into a plan, we recommend you test all the features during a 7-day trial plan for free. CryptoTact trading platform ensures your funds are safe & sound via the API key technology. Instead of login attempts, email ID, or anyhow gaining access directly, the platform connects through the API key, keeping your data private. Rather than analyzing the market constantly, you can follow the trading patterns of experienced traders, potentially improving your profitability.

Furthermore, it enables the user to get in touch with all the features before they start trading. The customer support team is professional; and they always respond promptly to my requests for support. They also always follow up with an e-mail to check if I need any additional assistance. While things may not be perfect 100% of the time, when they aren’t, the support is unmatched!


For crypto bots it is perfect and has all the set points and functions you need. The trading interface is also very good and I find myself trading in CryptoTact more than on my exchanges for simple long positions. It is really easy to set stop loss and take profit on the positions. CryptoTact is a world-class automated crypto trading bot that offers users the ability to copy trade, backtest, and modify their trading strategies. It aims to cater to both new and experienced traders by providing a range of trading strategies and templates.

However, you can use other technical indicators alongside trend lines to make your market trend analysis even more meaningful. Over the past month, Jimmy carefully traced the crypto’s ups and downs, connecting the dots to map its jagged path. Three solid uptrend lines emerged, signaling the crypto had rallied higher each time it hit those levels. While useful for any data, trend lines are most commonly applied to price charts.

CryptoTact is not licensed by any regulatory bodies, so do bear this in mind. If you have enabled withdrawal options, your API key will not be accepted. Your exchange wallet will hold the funds, and you cannot perform any withdrawals or deposits through CryptoTact. Above all, what is impressive is that you can extract these portfolios into your system.

Configuring a bot on the platform does not require much knowledge and absolutely no coding knowledge. Though there is a dedicated Knowledge Base, it still fails to provide a comprehensive overview of how to use the software. That said, if you genuinely want to try the platform, then the free trial should give you a better understanding of how its features work. Its API feature was taken to bridge the technological gap between exchanges, as well as increase efficiency and security. No account information and sensitive data is transmitted outside the company network, or to any third parties. When trusting any service with your money, you have to be extra cautious in ensuring that your capital is in safe hands.